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Graphene & 2D-Materials

Graphene and 2D

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Symposium Chairs

Anirudha V. SumantAnirudha V. Sumant
Argonne National Labs

Elena PolyakovaElena Polyakova
Founder, Graphene Laboratories, Inc.; Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, National University of Singapore

Key Speakers

Deji AkinwandeUnconventional applications of 2D materials
Deji Akinwande
Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Aphrodite TomouInto the Future: Cross-Sector Adoption of 2D Materials
Aphrodite Tomou
Technical Specialist, Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd.

Graham CrossGraham Cross
Professor of Physics
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Mark C. HersamEmerging Electronic and Energy Applications for Solution-Processed Two-Dimensional Materials
Mark C. Hersam
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

Mauricio TerronesControlling Defects at the Atomic Scale in 2D materials: Enhanced Catalysis and Optical Emission
Mauricio Terrones
Professor, Director, Center for 2-Dimensional and Layered Materials, Penn State University


Symposium Sessions

Monday June 17

1:30Novel 2D Materials & Applications

Tuesday June 18

10:30Synthesis of Novel 2D materials
1:302D Materials: Electrical Optical & Thermal Properties
4:00Graphene 2D Materials I: Posters

Wednesday June 19

8:30Graphene Keynotes
10:30Graphene Material Innovations
1:30Graphene Manufacturing & Emerging Commercial Applications
2:50Commercial Markets for Graphene Materials
3:30Graphene 2D Materials II: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday June 17

1:30Novel 2D Materials & Applications309
Session chair: Elena Polyakova, NUS, Singapore
1:30Into the Future: Cross-Sector Adoption of 2D Materials
A. Tomou, Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd., UK
1:55Emerging Electronic and Energy Applications for Solution-Processed Two-Dimensional Materials
M.C. Hersam, Northwestern University, US
2:20Enabling Mask Free fabrication of 2D Architectures on Different Substrates via Aqueous Inks Precursors and CVD Synthesis
I. Kuljanishvili, D. Alameri, D. Karbach, R. Dong, L. Moore, Saint Louis University, US
2:40High Yield, Bottom-Up Synthesis of Layered Metal Sulfides, Phosphides, and Selenides Using Thermal Annealing and Applications in Electronics and Electrochemistry
G.D. Nessim, Bar Ilan University, IL
3:00Production of shelf-stable Ti3C2Tx MXene nanosheets
X. Zhao, T. Habib, E. Prehn, W. Sun, S.A. Shah, Y. Chen, Z. Tan, J. Lutkenhaus, M. Radovic, M.J. Green, Texas A&M University, US

Tuesday June 18

10:30Synthesis of Novel 2D materials309
Session chair: Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Labs, US
10:30Controlling Defects at the Atomic Scale in 2D materials: Enhanced Catalysis and Optical Emission
M. Terrones, Pennsylvania State University, US
10:55Low Cost, Low Temperature and Fast Growth of Electronic Grade 2D MoS2 Continuous Films
H. Medina, S.W. Tong, C. Manzano, W. Liao, W. Yang, L.K. Tan, W-W Tjiu, C. Zhu, D-Z Chi, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, SG
11:15Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth and Characterization of Iron-doped WS2 Monolayers
S. Fu, K. Kang, X. Wang, S. Chen, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
11:35Rotational Sputtering Growth of 6-inch Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Layers
J-W Chai, Institute of Materials research and Engineering, SG
11:55Direct Patterned Growth of Molybdenum Disulfide Using a Focused-Ion Beam
J.A. Maurer, S.F. Bartolucci, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, US
1:302D Materials: Electrical Optical & Thermal Properties309
Session chair: Irma Kuljanishvili, Saint Louis University, US
1:30Probing heat flow in large graphene bubbles with a single laser beam
W. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR
1:55Spin-orbit splitting and electron-induced luminescence at vacancies and substitutional defects in monolayer WS2
B. Schuler, K. Cochrane, J.-H. Lee, C. Kastl, S. Refaely-Abramson, D. Qiu, S. Barja, C. Chen, N. Borys, F. Ogletree, S. Aloni, A. Schwartzberg, S. Louie, J. Neaton, and A. Weber-Bargioni, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
2:15Tunable as-grown graphene contacts to semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides
S. Subramanian, K. Xu, S. Moser, D. Deng, N.A. Simonson, D. Waters, J. Li, R.M. Feenstra, S.K. Fullerton-Shirey, J.A. Robinson, The Pennsylvania State University, US
4:00Graphene 2D Materials I: PostersHall C
Effects of Wet Transfer on Photoluminescence of WS2
X. Wang, K. Kang, S. Fu, K. Godin, S. Chen, E-H Yang, Stevens Institute of technology, US
New and upcoming applications of graphene oxide and its derivates
R. Gulla, R. Wendelbo, Abalonyx AS, NO

Wednesday June 19

8:30Graphene Keynotes302
Session chair: Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Lab, US
8:30Unconventional applications of 2D materials
R. Ge, D. Akinwande, University of Texas - Austin, US
8:55Advances in superlubricity utilizing 2D materials"
A. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
9:20Critical Overview of Performance of 2D Materials and Composites
E. Polyakova, Graphene Laboratories, Inc., US
10:30Graphene Material Innovations302
Session chair: Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Labs, US
10:30Self Assembly of Graphene Ribbons on a Substrate at the Micrometer Scale
G.L.W. Cross, Trinity College, IR
10:55Corrosion Resistant, Graphene-Like Carbon Coated Iron Oxide Nanocrystals Formed During Liquid Phase Synthesis
C. Masterson, A. Garcia-Mendoza, A. Prakash, V.L. Colvin, Brown University, US
11:15Extreme Straintronics of Graphene
R. Banerjee, V-H Nguyen, T. Granzier-Nakajima, L. Pabbi, A. Lherbier, J.-C. Charlier, M. Terrones, E. Hudson, Pennsylvania State University, US
11:35Polarity governs atomic interaction through two-dimensional materials
W. Kong, H. Li, K. Qiao, J. Grossman, J. Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:55Characterization of Nanographene Product by Microwave-Assisted Plasma-Mediated Methane Pyrolysis
R.L. Vander Wal, M. Singh, K. Zeller, G. Skoptsov, Penn State University, US
12:15Sustainable and versatile functionalization of graphene layers
M. Galimberti, V. Barbera, A. Bernardi, D. Locatelli, G. Prioglio, Politecnico di Milano, IT
1:30Graphene Manufacturing & Emerging Commercial Applications302
Session chair: Elena Polyakova, NUS, Singapore
1:30Scalable production of graphene using electrochemical exfoliation in compressed reactors
M.J. Green, T.C. Achee, J.T. Hope, W. Sun, P. Lakhe, Texas A&M University, US
1:50Wafer scale CVD Graphene: from Lab to Fab
J. de la Fuente, Graphenea Inc., US
2:10Up-coming Industrial Applications of Graphene Oxide
S.H. Santos, R. Wendelbo, Abalonyx, NO
2:30Graphene and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Commercialization: Past, Present and Future
R. Collins, IDTechEx, UK
2:50Commercial Markets for Graphene Materials302
Session chair: Terrance Barkan, The Graphene Council, US
P. Chinoy, XG Sciences, US
T. Jalloul, NanoXplore, CA
C.V. Nguyen, NTherma Corporation, US
3:30Graphene 2D Materials II: PostersBoylston Hallway
Barrier Based Approach to Modify Vapor Phase Concentrations for High Quality MoS2 Growth
S.L. Wong, D. Chi, A*STAR, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore, SG
Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by A Sub-Stoichiometric Molybdenum Sulfide Two-Dimensional Structure
M. Yang, J.W. Chai, S.J. Wang, D.Z. Chi, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, SG
Nanoencapsulated graphene layers as sustainable confined reactor for organic reactions
V. Barbera, D. Moscatelli, L. Rubino, M. Galimberti, Politecnico di Milano, IT
Fabrication of Self-powered Heterostructure MoS2 / Cu2O Photoelectrochemical Biosensor
C-Tng Kuo, Q-H Gong, R-Y Pan, H-C Wang, National Sun Yat-sen University, TW
Enhanced dual (T1-and T2-weighted) MRI contrast by single core iron oxide nanoparticles
A. Lavin, B. Thapa, G. Morell, B.R. Weiner, Universidad de Puerto Rico, US
Preparation, characterization and mechanical properties of MXene/PMMA composite
I. Pesic, V. Radojevic, M. Barsoum, N. Tomic, N. Romcevic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, RS

There is considerable excitement surrounding graphene and other 2D materials - materials that can provide exceptional thermal, electrical, optical, barrier and mechanical properties. This special symposium will bring industry and academic leaders together as we go beyond the fundamental research to explore innovations in synthesis and production, and highlight the applications potential of these remarkable materials. Submit an abstract and plan to share your research and innovations at this dynamic event.

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