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Medical Devices

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Symposium Chair

Dalia YablonDalia Yablon
Technical Program Chair
TechConnect World Innovation Conference

Key Speakers

Nate HaferM2D2: a successful model catalyzing medical device innovation and development
Nate Hafer
Director of Operations, University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS)

Thomas J. WebsterTwo Decades of Commercializing Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Real Products Helping Real Humans
Thomas J. Webster
Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University


Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 18

8:30Biotechnology Keynotes

Wednesday June 19

10:30New Developments in Medical Devices
1:30Lab-on-a-Chip & Biotech Devices
4:00Medical Devices: Posters

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 18

8:30Biotechnology Keynotes
Engineered Biomaterials to Improve Human Health
G. Camci-Unal, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
Two Decades of Commercializing Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Real Products Helping Real Humans
T.J. Webster, Northeastern University, US
Development of Particulates Capable of Penetrating Physiological Barriers
S.A. Meenach, G. Jakaria, N. Shah, University of Rhode Island, US

Wednesday June 19

10:30New Developments in Medical Devices
M2D2: a successful model catalyzing medical device innovation and development
N. Hafer, University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science, US
Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes (QLEDs) as Flexible, Wearable, Low-Cost Light Sources for Photomedicine
H. Chen, P. Palomaki, J. He, R. Lanzafame, I. Stadler, H. El Hamidi, H. Liu, J. Celli, M. Hamblin, Y. Huang, G. Shafirstein, H. Chung, S. Wu, Y. Dong, QLEDCures, US
Lengthening as a New Method for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
H. Howarth, E. Orozco, A. Kadoor, M. Esparza, R. Salem, K. Masuda, J. Brown, S.B. Shah, University of California, San Diego/VA San Diego Healthcare System, US
Preclinical Safety and Clearance Profile of Plasmonic Gold Nanorods: Bringing Practical Photothermal Therapy to the Clinic.
L. Pagliaro, Siva Therapeutics Inc., US
Air Operated Artificial Lung
K. Strobl, S. Gainey, A. Kumar, A. Kumar, CVD Equipment Corporation, US
1:30Lab-on-a-Chip & Biotech Devices
Microfluidic Cantilever Spectroscopy Sensors
S. Das, University of Maryland, College Park, US
Micro fluidic device and cartridges for the nucleic acid based detection of pathogen in complex samples.
J. Min, Chung-Ang University, KR
Optimization of continuous-flow magnetic bioseparators through CFD numerical models
C. González-Fernández, J. Gómez-Pastora, I.H. Karampelas, E. Bringas, I. Ortiz, The Ohio State University, US
Mimicking Proximal Tubule Cell functioning for Artificial Kidney Applications
K. Guha, National Institute of Technology Silchar, IN
Digital Detection of Salmonella Typhi in Large-Volume Environmental Water Samples Using an Asymmetric Membrane
J. Li, X. Lin, X. Huang, Y. Zhu, K. Urmann, M.R. Hoffmann, California Institute of Technology, US
Fluid-Screen: Real-Time Microbial Detection for Biomanufacturing
M. Weber, N. Brancazio, M. O’connor, S. Antoszczyk, Fluid-Screen, US
Human monocytes from fresh blood present strong magnetic characteristics; CTV analysis and magnetic susceptibility quantification
J. Gomez-Pastora, J. Kim, M. Weigand, M. Potgieter, N. Walters, E. Reategui, A. Palmer, M. Yazer, M. Zborowski, J.J. Chalmers, The Ohio State University, US
4:00Medical Devices: Posters
A Biomedical Sensor Based on Resonant Absorption of Ultrasound Waves in Hydrogel-based Resonators
N. Farhoudi, H.-Y. Leu, J. Magda, F. Solzbacher, C.F. Reiche, University of Utah, US
Numerical Simulation of Pulsed NIR Laser-Tissue Photothermal Heating for Real Time Biosensing
V. Sukhotskiy, I.V.A.K. Reddy, A. Sangwan, P. Johari, J.M. Jornet, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
An electrostimulation cell device with patterned TiO2:Nb thin films as bio-electrodes
M. Jobin, C. Pellodi, C. Sandu, G. Benvenutti, A. Sandoz, L. Stoppini, hepia / HES-SO University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, CH
Vibration Assisted Therapy System unit (VATS unit)
M. Pisharodi, Paramount Surgicals Inc, US
Digital Assessment for Mild Cognitive Impairment
G. Baliga, M.L. Kerwin, D. Libon, Rowan University, US
Keen insight into medical conditions through Internet of Things
L. Fang, IBM, US
Method for Manufacturing a Biosensor Strip Using Paper Advantages for Mass Production
Y.T. Lee, Andong National University, KR

Devices for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, or alleviation of disease or disability have a transformative effect on the lives of patients worldwide. Innovation in this field incorporates break-through technology, advanced materials and biomaterials. This symposium, at the nexus of world-class technical symposium on materials and device development at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference, will highlight whats new, and whats next, in the field of medical devices.

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Topics & Application Areas

  • Medical Wearables
  • Digital Health & Invisibles – Wireless Devices, Body Area Networks
  • Devices for Health Screening & Preventative Monitoring
  • MEMS-Based Devices
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Based Devices
  • Portable Assaying & Sample/Specimen Preparation
  • New Materials Innovation
  • Other
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