JUNE 13-15, 2022

Polymers: sustainability, processes, applications & characterization

Materials for More Sustainable Polymers and Chemicals

Symposium Co-Chairs

Maksim ShivokhinMaksim Shivokhin
Staff Engineer

YuanQiao RaoYuanQiao Rao
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company

Key Speakers

Patrick LeeTowards Superior Biopolymer Blends: Tuning the Micro-/Nano-structure of Poly(L-lactide) Composites for High-Performance Applications
Patrick Lee
Professor, University of Toronto, Canada

Nikola LambicMachine learning approaches towards connecting catalyst performance, reactor conditions and polymer properties
Nikola Lambic
Senior Research Chemist, ExxonMobil Chemical

Srikanth PillaDesigned to be Recycled: Lignin-derived Polymers with Molecular Zippers
Srikanth Pilla
Robert Patrick Jenkins Endowed Professor, Clemson University

Joamin Gonzalez-GutierrezAdditive manufacturing of thermoplastic elastomers via fused filament fabrication and the Arburg Plastic Freeformer
Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez
Chair of Polymer Processing, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg

Lilian JohnsonChemically specific coarse-grain force-field with a dissipative potential: Preserving the structure, dynamics, and material properties of polymer melts
Lilian Johnson
NRC Postdoc, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Mahmoud EmbabiNumerical Modeling of Expansion Ratio with Respect to Temperature in High Melt-Strength Long-Chain Branched Polypropylenes
Mahmoud Embabi
Researcher, University of Toronto


Topics & Application Areas

  • Sustainable Plastics: Degradable, Recyclable, and Reusable
  • Separation, Filtration & Absorption
  • Catalysis
  • Advanced Structural Materials
  • Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Polyolefins
  • Nano- and Microcellular Polymers
  • Other

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