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Composite Materials

Composite Materials

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Symposium Co-Chairs

Jim JohnstonJim Johnston
Professor, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Thomas E. TwardowskiThomas E. Twardowski
Twardowski Scientific

Key Speakers

Joey MeadPerformance and Recycling of Nanocomposites for Electronics Applications
Joey Mead
Professor; Director of the Nanomanufacturing Center, UMass Lowell

Vijaya ChalivendraDamage sensing in Composites using Carbon nanotubes
Vijaya Chalivendra
Professor, UMass Dartmouth


Symposium Sessions

Wednesday June 19

10:30Polymer Composites Manufacturing & Innovation
1:30Fiber & Polymer Composites
4:00Composite Materials: Posters

Symposium Program

Wednesday June 19

10:30Polymer Composites Manufacturing & Innovation
Performance and Recycling of Nanocomposites for Electronics Applications
J. Mead, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
Damage Sensing in Composites using Carbon Nanotubes
V. Chalivendra, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, US
Disentangled UHMWPE films processed by compression molding and their outstanding mechanical performance
A.E. Ferreira, H. Cramail, J.P. Lourenço, V. Lorenzo, E. Pérez, M.L. Cerrada, M. Rosário Ribeiro, Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, PT
Light-Weight Polymer Armors
S. Ren, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, US
Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanotubes and their Polymer nanocomposites
J. Guan, A. Derdouri, B. Ashrafi, A. Benhalima, K.S. Kim, C.T. Kingston, B. Simard, National Research Council Canada, CA
Properties of Laser Pulse Heated Polymer Nanocomposites
S.F. Bartolucci, J.A. Maurer, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, US
1:30Fiber & Polymer Composites
A review of industrial properties in E-glass epoxy/thermoplastic composites for autonomous crack healing applications
A. Cohades, N. Hostettler, V. Michaud, EPFL-LPAC, CH
Maximising the Mechanical Performance of Fibre-Polymer Composites via a Developed Understanding of Interfacial Adhesion and an Associated Test Method
M. Hayward, J. Johnston, T. Dougherty, K. de Silva, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Alignment of Bulk Graphene Layers in Polymer Fibers
W. Xu, R. Verma, S. Jambhulkar, R. Franklin, K. Song, Arizona State University, US
Multiscale Simulation of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strength
F. Souza, L. Castro, K. Neves, L. Lima, H. Cornwell, MultiMechanics, US
Bio-Inspired Nanofibrous Membrane for Multifunctional and Antibacterial Nanofiltration
S. Woranuch, J. Arin, A. Pangon, K. Puagsuntia, N. Subjalearndee, V. Intasanta, National Nanotechnology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH
Nanofibrous Air Filters from Self-Organizing/Regenerating Molecular LEGOs
T.S. Ching, National University of Singapore, SG
Excellent fibrous adsorbent for water and organic compounds
J. Buk, J.M. Macak, L. Hromadko, T. Hrebicek, J. Ruzickova, PARDAM s.r.o., CZ
4:00Composite Materials: Posters
Novel dynamic compressive and ballistic properties in 7075Al+SiC+B4C hybrid composite
M. Jo, J.H. Choi, I. Jo, S-K Lee, S. Lee, POSTECH, KR
New Composite Materials For Use In Space Vehicles
V.V. Harutyunyan, E.M. Alekhsanyan, A.H. Badalyan, A.I. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory, AM
G.O.S. Portela, M.L. Takeno, W.A. G. Pessoa-Junior, L. Manzato, INSTITUTO FEDERAL DO AMAZONAS, BR
Method of Forming Gradient Coating Based on the Hybrid E-jetting and E spray 3D desktop bio-printing platform
J.F.U. Hsi, National Univerisity of Singapore, SG
Magnetic nanoparticle/6-deoxy-6 phosphate-2,3-di-aldehyde cellulose composite and its application
S.M.A.S. Keshk, A.A. Zahar, S. Bondock, King Khalid university, SA
Modeling Interlaminar and Adhesive Failure Using Multiscale Cohesive Zones
F. Souza, L. Castro, K. Neves, L. Lima, H. Cornwell, MultiMechanics, US
Fracture toughness of glass fiber reinforced epoxy filled with hybrid Nano Al2O3 and SiC
W.H. Alhazmi, A.A. Abd-Elhady, H.E. M. Sallam, Jazan University, SA
Aluminum Carbon Nanotube (Al-CNT) Composites reinforced by CNTs coated with Al using Electroless Deposition
M. Elsharkawi, A. Esawi, The American University in Cairo, EG
J.C. F. Aguiar, M.F. G. Silva, E.H.P. Silva, W.C. Machado, A.P. Moura, R.R. C. Costa, Federal University of Technology – Paraná, BR
Nanocomposite Sensors for Biomedical and Energy Harvesting Applications
A.K. Batra, B.B. Bohara, C.M. Glenn, Alabama A&M University, US
Mitigating the Machine Damages of Fiber Reinforced Composites for Improved Tensile Strengths
K.A. Brauning, K. Arifa, M.M. Rahman, R. Asmatulu, Wichita State University, US
Influence of QD-PMMA interface modification on optical and mechanical properties of composite films
R. Abozaid, V. Radojevic, I. Radovic, Z. Lazarevic, N. Romcevic, D. Sevicc, M. Rabasovic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, RS
Nonlinear optical nanocomposite : Electrospun PVA nanofibers embedded with PCBS.
I. Kandas, E. Samir, N. Shehata, A.K. Mahmoud, Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST),, KW
Comparative physico-mechanical quality assessment of plaster of Paris bandage produced from locally sourced materials
F.A. Adekola, A.I. Olosho, A.A. Adeleke, O.A.A. Eletta, S. B. Agaja, University of Ilorin, NG

This symposium focuses on recent technology development for composite materials in a broad range of product areas. This, our 16th annual event, will focus particularly on nanocomposites, and on composites of sustainable materials. Submit an abstract and join researchers from around the world as we highlight applications-focused research and manufacturing innovations.

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Topics & Application Areas

  • Sustainable & Recyclable Composite Materials
  • Composite Materials for a Low Carbon Economy
  • Composite & Nanocomposite Materials: Optical, Electronic, Magnetic or Thermal Properties
  • Bio-inspired Composite Materials
  • Polymer Nanocomposites
  • Metal or Ceramic Nanocomposites
  • Metal & Metal Oxide Composite Materials for Catalysis
  • 3D & 4D Printing & Additive Manufacturing of Composite Materials
  • Novel Composite Materials & Applications
  • Other
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