Eric Breckenfeld

Director of Technology Policy


I am a physicist and materials scientist with expertise in various technical domains, including semiconductors, hardware and supply chain security, advanced manufacturing, robotics, and smart cities. I have served as a technical consultant, policy advisor, scientific researcher, and stakeholder advocate. Committed to education at all levels, I engage with K-12 students, undergraduate and graduate university students, and the community to promote STEM engagement.

I am particularly focused on the impact of computing and AI technologies on American competitiveness and security. I believe the implementation of these technologies is intricately tied to societal values, making it crucial for the United States to lead innovation in foundational technologies (electronic hardware, circuit design) and their applications (3rd wave and generative AI, synthetic biology). Finally, I believe that there is an emerging virtuous cycle between computing hardware, generative artificial intelligence, and energy technology that will revolutionize the global economy and how we pursue science and innovation. I am dedicated to understanding the role of government, academia, and the private sector in fostering economic pathways that ensure security, prosperity, and inclusivity for all Americans.