Myeonglok Seol

Senior Scientist

NASA Ames Research Center

Myeonglok Seol is a Senior Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center/USRA, where he works on the On Demand Manufacturing of Electronics (ODME) project. His current research focuses on printed functional devices such as semiconductor nanoelectronic devices and energy devices for in-space and on-surface missions. He earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2016. Myeonglok has received the Future Technology Leader Award from the Engineers’ Council, Mike Sargeant Career Achievement Award from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ames honor award from NASA Ames Research Center, and IEEE Early Career Award in Nanotechnology. He has published over 80 journals, and his work has been cited over 4,000 times.