Sean Mulholland

Co-founder, CTO, and President


Sean P. Mulholland, is a co-founder of TES-i (Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc.) and currently serves as TES-i CTO and President of TES-SAVi. Sean has a B.S in Computer Science and Systems Design from the University of Texas at San Antonio Sean and has 35 years of experience in software intensive systems architectures and Model Based Engineering (MBE) especially as it relates to mission-critical and safety-critical systems. Sean has designed and built several product lines that produced significant advancements in the areas of Geographic Information Systems, Military Ground Systems, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Manned Aircraft Systems. Sean is a contributing author to the FACE® technical reference architecture and has been active serving as a key resource in FACE Data Architecture development and serves as co-lead in the Domain Interoperability Working Group (DIOG) Guidance Group. Sean’s current work focuses on the development of an Agile approach to rapid development of mission and safety critical systems, Model-based Modular Open Systems Approach (MMOSA), and the highly advanced tool suite, AWESUM®, which optimizes the system development life cycle built to support safe and secure military and commercial systems.