Jonathan Shaver

WOSA Program Manager

US Air Force

Mr. Shaver has had a 15-year career as an Air Force Civil Servant. In his beginning years, he worked on weapon integration technologies UAI and 1553 specifically. Starting in 2013, Jonathan Shaver invented the Weapons Open Systems Architecture (WOSA) program at the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate. Early development of WOSA focused on solving Open Architecture for air launched munitions focusing initially on air-to-ground munitions and then graduating to air-to-air mission capability. Alongside the development of WOSA, he also began development of the Munitions Open Architecture Test and Evaluation Laboratory (MOATEL). MOATEL was designed to fill an on-going verification/validation requirement that had been missing from all Open Architecture programs. MOATEL designed analysis, testing, and verification tools to assist in deliverable verification for government program offices. The last few years the WOSA team has focused on the Modularity piece of the MOSA puzzle for WOSA and Air Force program offices. This included developing a unique Modularity Assessment process as well as an objective scoring metric to assist in comparing systems even through source selection.