Nabor Felix Cortez

Product Owner (PO), Xanatos Gambit (XG)

76th SWEG

Nabor Felix Cortez is a forward-thinking leader with a strong dedication to pushing boundaries and transforming the landscape of embedded software technologies and Software Digital Tread. With 16 years of combined experience in both the public and private sectors of the defense industry, Mr. Cortez brings a wealth of expertise in System of System Integration, sub-system design, OFP, RF/Radar, modeling, and simulation, with experience in more than eight weapon platforms.


Based in Oklahoma City, OK, Nabor leads the innovative R&D team, Xanatos Gambit, within the 76 SWEG's EDDGE division at Tinker Air Force Base. The team's mission is centered around blurring the lines between embedded systems and IT systems, specifically targeting the acceleration of DevSecOps adoption across the Department of Defense (DoD). Within Xanatos Gambit, Felix fulfills multiple roles, including engineering supervisor and Technical Product Owner. Additionally, he is the founder and Chair of Team 8 DoD working group on embedded software within the Action Officer Working Group (AWOG). Felix has had the honor of presenting his insights at renowned events such as the Community of Practice, various DoD Weapon Symposiums, and the In the Nic of Time podcast hosted by Nicolas Chaillan, the inaugural U.S. Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer. Moreover, he has delivered impactful presentations across diverse agencies and industries, tackling the complex challenges of embedded software development.