Michael Sanders

Senior Advisor

Avicenne Energy

Joined the Avicenne Energy team in 2016 as a Senior Advisor and the US leader.  Avicenne is a team of advisors and consulting professionals based in Paris for providing market understanding, research, deep subject matter experts and consulting for the energy storage market.  Avicenne Energy has been providing market understanding and insights to clients for nearly 30 years.  The focus of the activity is to support clients with their efforts in all levels of the value chains for batteries, system integration and OEMs.  The Avicenne team is providing market context for companies to establish their growth and development plans, along with filling their capability gaps.  Avicenne Energy drives many proprietary projects supporting customers growth efforts with deep understanding, interviews, reports and projects for clients to fill gaps in their capabilities. A few examples are: Make vs. Buy, quality process and audits, engineering plans for facilities and diligence programs.  

Mike has significant energy storage materials value chain understanding with an emphasis on lithium-ion batteries and systems with nearly 20 years of market knowledge and relationships.  Mike’s prior role was with DuPont as the Global Marketing Director – Energy Storage Venture.