Ioana Cozmuta


G-Space, Inc.

Dr. Ioana Cozmuta is the founder and CEO of G-Space where for the last almost 5 years she has been working to revolutionizing the new materials landscape by developing a terrestrial AI platform consisting of a proprietary set of experimental processes and machine learning algorithms for the development, rapid prototyping and commercialization of gravity-independent new materials.

Along her path from NASA (15years) where she spanned scientific roles to industry outreach roles educating and partnering with industrial and entrepreneurs on the value and opportunities available from Space Based Manufacturing to G-Space, she founded a variety of space based companies (5) that provided Space Based market opportunity information and strategy along with an space based optical fiber manufacturing company.

Additionally, Ioana is a member of International Academy of Astronautics, worked with Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics and New Organ and has given presentations at Gordon Research Conferences and on the TedEx stage.