Bibake Uppal

Senior Business Development Manager

Kyoto Fusioneering America Ltd.

Bibake leads business development for Kyoto Fusioneering's (KF) North American subsidiary, KF America. His role spans developing commercial and R&D partnerships throughout the fusion supply chain.

Prior to KF, Bibake consulted clients in the Energies, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) sector on M&A strategy. Through this experience, he discovered that the inertia and incentives among ER&I incumbents keeps them on a track of incremental change and prevents them from genuine innovation.

Meanwhile, like their counterparts in renewables and advanced fission, fusion startups are radically rethinking our relationship with energy. Realizing commercial fusion energy will not only solve foreseeable problem, it can enable energy superabundance and unlock latent human potential in unfathomable ways.

Bibake received his MBA and MSc. in Data Science from IE University in Spain. Moreover, he is a former professional athlete and avid outdoorsman. He wants his children and his grandchildren to enjoy our beautiful planet in the same way, if not a better way, than he has.