Computational Fluid Dynamics on Quantum Computers

M. Syamlal
Qubit Solve,
United States

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, quantum computers, aerospace, defense, automotive


CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics, is a simulation technique engineers use to reduce the development costs and time of products like aircraft or automobiles. A technology on the horizon could transform CFD and generate substantial economic benefits. It's called quantum computers, which are different from our classical computers. Many CFD problems are too complex for classical computers because the memory required exceeds the storage capacity of even the fastest supercomputer in the world. Quantum computers could solve this problem because they have practically limitless storage. However, CFD problems are not easily solvable on quantum computers, and the quantum computers available today are noisy. QubitSolve has developed an algorithm to overcome these challenges and create a quantum solution for CFD. With funding from the National Science Foundation SBIR program, QubitSolve has developed a software prototype and collected performance data on quantum computers, helping the company chart a path for a minimum viable product. This presentation will provide an overview of our technology and discuss our pathway to commercialization.