The Last Light Source

C. Anderson
xLight, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: lithography, accelerator, manufacturing, EUV, metrology, inspection


Light drives innovation – the wavelength, the power, the intrinsic qualities. From the mask shop to the packaging fab, from lithography to metrology, each technology node has relied on light invention to enable scaling, process control, reliability, and even ensuring supply chain security. However, the increasing cost and complexity of new light sources to meet industry demands has become prohibitive, leading to stagnation in technology development and reliance on the status quo in terms of the light available and the applications it permits. Now, a leap is required to a new generation of light source that will serve the semiconductor industry indefinitely, providing low-cost EUV as well as any wavelength required for manufacturing and R&D applications. xLight is building an accelerator-based light source to drive the semiconductor industry into the next decade and beyond, providing high power, quality light to any application and delivering… Light as a utility.