The Tipping Point for Hydrogen-Powered Applications: Enabling Vehicle Electrification with Fuel Cells

M. Weig
Nuvera Fuel Cells LLC,
United States

Keywords: fuel cells, hydrogen, ports, on-road, off-road, heavy-duty


The transition toward large-scale zero-emission electrification is gaining momentum, marked by a continuous stream of new product and project announcements. However, it is crucial to ground this progress and chart a clear roadmap toward practical zero-emission solutions for commercial fleets. As we approach imminent emission reduction mandates, the search for readily available, scalable technologies that align with end-users' operational and economic needs has reached a critical juncture. Collaborating closely with its parent company, industrial truck OEM Hyster-Yale Group, and a diversified customer base worldwide, Nuvera is actively committed to reducing emissions across various impactful sectors, including on-road transportation, port equipment, off-road equipment, maritime operations, and battery EV charging. Nuvera is at the forefront of commercial application developments, encompassing a wide range of equipment such as buses, wheel loaders, container handlers, reachstackers, mobile gensets, maritime power packs, and more. Through rigorous pre-deployment testing and real-world demonstration projects, conducted both within controlled environments and in actual field operations, Nuvera and its partners in the heavy equipment industry are rapidly advancing toward meeting end users’ application requirements and the adoption of zero-emission solutions in mainstream operations. This presentation will analyze the pathway to successful deployments of hydrogen-powered fleet applications at scale. It will also highlight significant projects that underscore the pivotal role of hydrogen and fuel cell technology adoption in achieving global emission reduction targets.