Midstream Processing of Critical Materials

A.J. Sherman, N. Farkas, R. Kinner, B. Werry, P. Seman
powdermet inc, Terves LLC, PMT group,
United States

Keywords: rare earths, metallization, permanent magnets, critical materials


The midstream supply chain for critical materials and permanent magnets, including metallization, alloying, powder, and magnet production has not existed in this century. Recreating a sustainable domestic supply chain requires innovations in processing, business models, public policy and sustained investment to overcome the advantages of foreign suppliers. PMT group is the only US midstream producer of wrought (extruded) magnesium, and one of two midstream Mg producers, as well as a significant producer of highly engineered metal powders. We are leveraging this capability to develop domestic critical materials metal and alloy production. The metallothermal route to RE metals production, and current capabilities for production of magnet alloy feedstocks will be discussed, as well as issues affecting domestic supply chain development from a middle market manufacturer's perspective.