Plant-created, fruit-based, mucosally-administered, safe and non-invasive FruitVax™ vaccine platforms against respiratory infections

S. Indu Rupassara
FruitVaccine Inc.,
United States

Keywords: respiratory infections, mucosal vaccines, oral delivery, human respiratory syncytial virus, RSV


FruitVaccine Inc. (website: is developing novel, globally impactful, plant-created, fruit-based, non-invasive and mucosally-administered (e.g., orally or nasally delivered) subunit vaccine-platforms our world direly need today against mucosal infections such as respiratory diseases. Mucosal route (e.g., oral-administration) we use is the most efficient and effective way to directly attack mucosal viruses at the site of infection, preventing/minimizing their spread in the body. The delivery of the plant-created protein antigen will occur via a natural food (i.e., the cherry tomato) formulated as a puree, freeze-dried pills, oral-drop or nasal-spray, using our proprietary FruitVax™ technology. The tomato plant also contains a natural adjuvant, tomatine, which may add value by facilitating efficient delivery the immunogen to the body. Our current project targets the globally problematic human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV) with our chewable FruitVax™ Pill, which allows high-risk patients to get vaccinated safely at home without getting exposed to infection-prone environments. hRSV causes an influenza-like disease infecting mainly the lower respiratory system (i.e., lungs), and affects all humans, especially infants, immunosuppressed individuals, and the elderly. hRSV is the major cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants and children under 2-years of age worldwide. hRSV infects nearly all children by age 2, hospitalizes over 100,000 children less than 1-year-old in the US every year, and globally affects 64 million, causing 160,000 deaths annually. Hospitalization costs in the US range from $8,320-$10,570 per full-term infant and from $15,839-$40,813 per pre-term infant (McLaurin et al., 2016; CDC, 2023; WHO, 2023), making the total annual cost in the US over a billion dollars for infants alone. Our FruitVax™ Pill is safe, non-invasive, sustainable, affordable, user- and environment-friendly, carbon-negative (natural plants create our vaccines), easily storable, and minimize manufacturing and distribution costs (can be locally grown and sold). We formulate our FruitVax™ Pill using vaccine-containing cherry-tomatoes with dosages of 1-2 pill/s per person per season (e.g., annually), which is very easily scalable worldwide using greenhouses with plant-batches grown as needed. We plan to include optional fruits such as strawberries once we have established our vaccine-technology with cherry-tomatoes (Rupassara et al., 2022; Kindt et al, 2023; Kazi et al, 2023; Dodds et al, 2023). We plan to expand our scope with the long-term goal of developing a universal respiratory vaccine, covering also the other globally problematic infections such as influenza and COVID-19. Our plant-created peptide-based technology is also applicable to vaccines for pet- and husbandry-animals, oral-GI tract cures/therapies, allergy remedies, and nutritional supplements, etc. Reference: