One roadmap of magnetic separation of rare-earth ions

Z. Lei
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf/ TU Dresden,

Keywords: collaboration, rare-earth trivalent ions, transport processes, tailored magnetic field, extraction/ stripping kinetics;


The state-of-art rare-earth beneficiation/ separation relies on their marginal chemical differences from mixed ore. This is accompanied by the missing economical recycling for end-of-life RE products. In recent years, a fascinating phenomenon in the formation of enriched RE(III) has been repeatedly observed close to the magnetic source. This potentially unlocks a green RE magnetic separation technology with effective hydrodynamic scales conventionally in μm-particle range, in microfluid cells or elevated valorization flux in high-gradient magnetic separators, all the way down to the level of ions. In the context of Dy(III) as a model material, I will delve into the intricacies of transport processes, specifically examining how Dy(III) scalar transfer is modulated within a magnetic field when subjected to constant evaporating dilution at the interface. Additionally, I will discuss strategies for enhancing the efficiency of solvent extraction through the application of a tailored magnetic field. This involves an exploration of a scaling law for extraction kinetics, analyzed in terms of a dimensionless group governing the underlying transport processes. Furthermore, I will showcase novel apparatuses designed for high-precision extraction/stripping kinetic characterization of RE(III). The entirety of this presentation is crafted with the aim of providing an accessible collaboration point, particularly from a fluid dynamics perspective. I am looking forward to linking with experts across a broad spectrum of expertise in "Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals," my primary goal is to establish meaningful connections and foster collaborative endeavors in this critical area of research and innovation.