A Novel Compound to Reverse the Effects of Drugs of Abuse and Neuromuscular Blocking Agents

E. Broyles, L. Isaacs
Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: fentanyl, opioids, methamphetamine, neuromuscular block, drug reversal


Co-founded by Eric Boyles and Dr. Lyle Isaacs, Reversal Therapeutics (“Reversal” or the “Company”), aims to address the escalating drug misuse and abuse crisis by developing innovative sequestration and reversal agents. Dr. Isaacs, renowned for his work in Host-Guest Chemistry, has developed a novel, versatile compound that Reversal has licensed from the University of Maryland. The Company’s initial focus is on utilizing this compound to sequester and reverse the effects of both drugs of abuse and neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs) used in surgeries. Reversal has received a Maryland Innovation Initiative Company Formation award, which it is using to conduct pivotal studies to pave the way for an Investigational New Drug Application for Pillararene Sulfate (P6AS) for use in the reversal of the effects of NMBAs and a variety of drugs of abuse. The company has strategically assembled an experienced team comprising clinical research organizations, contract development and manufacturing organizations, and influential Key Opinion Leaders such as Dr. Carol Paronis and Dr. Oluwaseun Johnson-Akeju. These experts are instrumental in guiding development plans, especially in priority areas of drug abuse and neuromuscular function. At the core of Reversal Therapeutics' technology is supramolecular chemistry, which leverages non-covalent interactions to induce desired in vivo benefits. Dr. Isaacs' PillarMaxQ platform demonstrates ultra-tight binding affinity toward hydrophobic ammonium ions, enabling effective sequestration and remediation of drug compounds. Notably, P6AS has exhibited promising results in vivo, demonstrating efficacy in sequestering commonly used NMBAs, as well as drugs of abuse like fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine and several others. Technical assessments indicate P6AS as a scalable, safe, and effective reversal agent. In vitro and early in vivo studies highlight its ability to safely trap opioids and other drug compounds at clinically relevant doses without causing adverse effects like cardiotoxicity or mutagenicity. The synthesis process for P6AS is cost-effective and amenable to large-scale manufacturing. Through meticulous research and strategic partnerships, Reversal Therapeutics endeavors to introduce groundbreaking solutions to address the pressing challenges posed by drug overdose incidents, offering hope for saving lives and mitigating the adverse effects of substance abuse.