Conditions optimization for the synthesis of novel iron modified geopolymer cement from laterite clay

N. Noor-ul-Amina, S. Sultanab, A. Ali
abdul wali khan university mardan pakistan,

Keywords: laterite clay, geopolymerization, porosity, mechanical strength


Abstract: A new type of geopolymer with iron-oxygen-silicon linkage is synthesized and reported for the first time. The aim was to enable the iron rich clay material (laterite) as a raw material for the geopolymerization. Iron was used in different ratios ranging 1-3 w% in the raw mix designing geopolymer followed by activation with concentrated alkali solutions of NaOH and KOH in different concentrations. The bonding of Fe-O-Si was confirmed from the FTIR peaks in NaOH and KOH based geopolymer. X-ray diffraction studies confirmed the formation of zeolitic, sodalite and almandite phases. The final product has shown a compressive strength of 344 and 218 PSI and can be used as construction material.