3D Printable 2D Nanoparticles

K. Song, S. Jambhulkar, D. Patil
United States

Keywords: composites, 3D printing, MXene


This research addresses the growing demand for miniaturized microenvironments in modern electronics by exploring the potential of MXene materials, specifically titanium carbide (Ti3AlC2)-based MXene, in microelectronics applications. The MXene family is recognized for its unique and superior properties, making it a promising candidate for smart devices and microsystems. The study presents a novel approach to MXene synthesis and processing, including an in situ etching method to create multi-layered MXene nanosheets. Water-based MXene inks with varying concentrations were examined, and a 3D printing technique was employed to produce micropatterned MXene layers on different substrates. These layers exhibited anisotropic electrical properties and significant energy storage capabilities, showcasing their potential for use in advanced 3D printable devices.