Fabrication of Epsilon-near-zero Metamaterial with Anomalous Refraction

A. Enriquez, M. Meretska, F. Capasso
Harvard University,
United States

Keywords: metamaterial, metasurface, Al2O3, chromium, silver, EBL, pillars


Metamaterials are engineered materials with properties not found in nature, designed to manipulate electromagnetic waves in novel ways. One intriguing property is the epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) behavior, where the material’s permittivity approaches zero, leading to unique light-matter interactions. The study and development of ENZ metamaterials have opened up new horizons in the field of optics and photonics. Their ability to control and mold the flow of light at the nanoscale holds promise for a range of applications, from super-resolution imaging to energy harvesting. The concept of anomalous refraction, where light bends in unexpected ways as it passes through the ENZ material, is a fascinating phenomenon associated with ENZ metamaterials. This behavior challenges our traditional understanding of optics. Goals of my Project: Optimize fabrication recipe for epsilon-near-zero material Measure epsilon-near-zero behavior of the fabricated metamaterial