Industrial Coating Technologies Trend and Evolution: Functionality, Sustainability, and Productivity

H.W. Ro
PPG Industries,
United States

Keywords: industrial coating, functionality, sustainability, productivity, lower energy process, radiation curing, durability


Industrial coating technologies play a vital role in enhancing the protection and aesthetics of various products and structures made of metal, wood, plastic, and concrete. However, the current market and regulatory challenges demand new innovations and solutions that can address the growing needs for sustainability, functionality, and productivity. In this presentation, we will showcase some of the latest developments and trends in PPG's industrial coating technologies, such as new functional coatings and greener coating technologies. We will demonstrate how these new functional coatings can deliver improved performance in terms of surface contamination management, electrical and thermal management. We will also illustrate how these greener coating technologies can reduce the environmental impact by using lower energy or radiation curing processes, without compromising the target performance and durability of the coatings. Furthermore, we will discuss the future of industrial coating technology development with rapidly changing market demands, regulation, and new technologies such as AI and digitalization.