Creating Smart Venues: Enter with phone in pocket

S. Jagannath
ZED Digital,
United States

Keywords: internet of things, public venues crowd management, smart venue, access control, mobile ticketing, queue reduction


ZED Digital's revolutionary platform, ZIG (, which creates “smart venues” where people can enter and gain access control with the phone in their pocket. ZIG is a hands-free payment and entry authentication solution, transforming crowd management in public spaces. Utilizing Edge Computing and Internet of Things (IoT), ZIG offers a groundbreaking, no-lineup experience post-pandemic, allowing individuals to effortlessly enter public spaces with their phones in their pockets. Operational in 20+ US cities, ZIG enhances public safety and reduces entrance wait times. This comprehensive platform is applicable in various settings, including public transportation, offices, parking lots, and retail spaces. This technology has been granted US patents Patent #: US-20220150710-A1 RENDERING DIGITIZED SERVICES IN A SMART ENVIRONMENT Jagannath; Sumithra 2022-05-12 20 Patent #: US-11263716-B2 Rendering digitized services in a smart environment Jagannath; Sumithra 2022-03-01 16 Patent #: US-20200193548-A1 RENDERING DIGITIZED SERVICES IN A SMART ENVIRONMENT Jagannath; Sumithra 2020-06-18 15 1. Public Transit Integration: ZIG, operational on buses in 20+ cities since 2019, allows passengers to seamlessly board with their phones in their pockets. IoT sensors process and verify tickets automatically, eliminating manual efforts and ensuring timely departures. 2. Superwallet Integration: ZIG's Superwallet integrates with sensors, enabling hands-free payments for tickets, food, parking, and retail purchases with phones in users' pockets. IoT sensors validate payments, ensuring a lineup-free experience. In venues, sensors detect entries and exits, charging users using a virtual wallet. 3. Accessibility and Equity: ZIG Superwallet operates autonomously, even if the digital wallet app is inactive. Minimal user interaction is required, promoting inclusivity and equity in user experience. 4. Smartcard Integration: ZIG extends accessibility with Superwallet integration on smartcards, automating payments while the card remains in the user's pocket, making digital ticketing more accessible. 5. Contactless and Queue-less Operations: ZIG provides a cashless, queue-less, and contactless platform for venue tickets, parking, and retail purchases with phones in pockets. IoT sensors detect entries and exits automatically, streamlining the entry process without QR code scanning or turnstile operation. 6. Advanced Sensor Functions: ZIG supports hands-free ticketing, queue reduction, hands-free concessions, real-time occupancy monitoring, and emergency alerts, driven by IoT sensor technology. It automates order payment and processing at vendor stands, enhancing convenience. 7. User-Friendly Interface: ZIG's user-friendly interface allows random approaches to venue entrances. Sensors authenticate entries, dispense visual proof like wristbands, and provide real-time entry information. Portable sensors with USB connectivity offer a plug-and-play solution with minimal installation effort. 8. Cost-Effective and Portable Solution: ZIG sensors are portable, cost-effective, and suitable for small venues and vendor stalls. This plug-and-play alternative to turnstiles or RFID bracelets eliminates line-ups, attracting businesses with enhanced efficiency. In summary, ZED Digital's ZIG is a transformative solution, leveraging IoT for seamless, efficient, and enjoyable hands-free payment and entry authentication in diverse public settings. For further information see video presentation