NixFey nanoporous electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline water splitting

E. Chuluunbat, N.-A. Nguyen, A. Szaniel, H.-S. Choi
Chungnam National University,

Keywords: oxygen evolution reaction, water splitting, Ni-Fe bimetallic nanomaterials


Oxygen evolution reaction (OER), an important reaction involved in rechargeable batteries and water splitting, has drawn massive attention to clean energy generation, conversion, and efficient storage technologies during the last decades. NiFe-based bimetallic nanoparticles have been known as active OER catalysts by enormous commercial interest owing to their interesting mechanical, electrical, and corrosion-resistant properties. In this study, we prepared various NixFey nanoporous compounds by reducing Ni and Fe precursors using a NaBH4 reducing agent. Among synthesized catalysts, it is obvious that Ni3Fe1 exhibits a good OER performance with an overpotential of 220 mV at a current density of 10mA. cm-2 and stability for 30,000s due to the interaction between Ni and Fe and the exposure of more active surface area and low charge transfer electron resistance of the catalyst. This cheap and high efficient Ni3Fe1 electrocatalyst can be a promising candidate for the OER in water splitting for producing green fuel hydrogen.