Digital Manufacturing for Production: Exploring Applications from Copper to Crowns

M. Strobel

Keywords: high performance, multi-material, functional, additive manufacturing, 3D printing


Join industry veteran Marcel Strobel, COO at Quantica, for an insightful exploration into the digital transformation of analog printing using NovoJet high viscosity jetting technology. With 30 years of experience spanning mechanical, plant, chemical production, and assembly, Marcel, the former Head of Product & Quality Management at W├╝rth Elektronik for PCBs, brings a wealth of unique insights to this session. Having observed firsthand the environmental ramifications of large-scale production processes, Marcel keenly recognizes the pressing need for more sustainable alternatives. The potential of Quantica's NovoJet technology comes down to disruption in two key areas: First, the shift from analog to digital, offering efficient and scalable processes. Second, the transition from subtractive production methods to additive manufacturing, presenting a paradigm shift towards more sustainable and resource-efficient practices. During this session, Marcel will dive into the impact of NovoJet on the analog printing landscape, with a specific emphasis on its pivotal role in digitizing traditional production methods. This cutting-edge technology stands at the forefront of innovation, particularly in printed electronics such as PCB production, copper repairs, displays, and a myriad of applications in dental manufacturing, including multi-material dentures and photo-realistic crown coatings. While taking a closer look at these two first industry case studies, Marcel will also highlight the profound impact across various sectors, including automotive coatings, optical devices, hearing aids, and more.