The Electronic Alchemy eforge: An Innovation in the Multi-material 3D Printing of Functional Electronics

C.M. Glenn, W. Chan, M. Whitely, L. Lassiter
Morningbird Space,
United States

Keywords: additive manufacturing, 3D printing, multi-material, electronics, NASA, sensors


Imagine that you could have any device that you wanted within minutes. Imagine that you could select, download, and print a phone, a watch, or any other electronic device you wished in a matter of minutes. This is what is possible with Electronic Alchemy. The Electronic Alchemy eforge is a multi-material FDM 3D printer capable of producing functioning electronic devices. The printer uses proprietary filaments that have different electrical and mechanical properties. Together with our Design Cauldron slicer, various elements, such as sensors, circuit components, and macroscopic circuits can be produced on demand, which includes the world’s first diode and transistor produced on an FDM machine.