SampleCAP: A power-free system for biomolecule concentration

S.V. Angus, B. Swan, C. Stewart, A.S. Cowan, M.F. Smiechowski
Guild Associates, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: concentration, urine, drugs of abuse, hands-free, viral transport media


Biological samples are often dilute in target analytes making detection difficult and delaying necessary care. An accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases is essential in providing appropriate and timely treatment of infections as well as reducing the burden to quality-adjusted life years (QALY) and accurately tracking outbreaks. Patient samples frequently require cold storage during transport to a centralized diagnostic laboratory. During transport, antigens and antibodies may be degraded by proteases present in specimen samples and lead to a false-negative diagnosis of the patient. Point-of-care diagnostics are an inexpensive, easy and rapid diagnostic tool but many of these assays lack the sensitivity of sophisticated laboratory equipment. SampleCAP is a power-free self-contained sample concentration and preservation system. It is lightweight (99%), proteins, and biological material, and excellent shelf stability. SampleCAP has demonstrated the ability to concentrate numerous solutions (viral transport media, untreated surface waters, saline, urine, serum, saliva), and targets (mustard simulants 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide and 2-chloroethyl phenyl sulfide, juices, viral RNA, antibodies, bacteria, and proteins). These were all done with 20 mL samples and resulted in >10x concentrations in ≤90 min. Devices showed excellent temperature stability after 6 months. Bacteria were concentrated >10x in