Energy Efficient and Tunable Air Filter Can save Energy and Increase IAQ

L. Rothenberg
Agentis Air LLC,
United States

Keywords: IAQ, Air Filtration, Energy Savings, Smart IOT


Building owners and operators are faced with the difficult choice of providing high MERV rated filters in order to improve IAQ, and on the other hand trying to maintain an energy efficient HVAC system. We will present data on a new form of electrostatic air filtration that is energy efficient and tunable. This filter is 50% more energy efficient when compared to a mechanical filter of similar MERV rating, and it can also be turned down to use less energy when there is low filtration demand due to good IAQ or low building occupancy. This presentation will describe the technology, describe how the technology works, and present data from a pilot project that demonstrated the base level energy savings. In addition the presentation will describe a series of duty cycles, or use cases, where the filter is controlled by the building's HVAC control system, and the energy use can be reduced by an additional 50%.