Plasma based technology for nano structures production

I. Matveev, S. Matveeva, A. Zinchenko
Applied Plasma Technologies, Corp.,
United States

Keywords: plasma, boron nitride nanotubes, nano structers


Applied Plasma Technologies, Corp. develops plasma aided technologies for a wide variety of nanostructures production. The key element is an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) torch system operational from 1 bar to 10 bar pressure with virtually unlimited service time. One of the most prospective nano materials for production by plasma is boron nitride nanotubes. (BNNT). Adding 1% of this material makes aluminum alloy as strong as steel. This is just one example of multiple applications. One of roadblocks on the way of this technology to the market is low production capacity currently on the level of dozens of grams per hour. This causes extremely high price of the final product, which limits industrial application. Applied Plasma Technologies, Corp. works on technology and equipment improvements, including modeling of the feeding and mixing processes, heat and mass transfer, quenching and separation of the products, production capacity optimization. On January 18, 2023 we moved to the newly built 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Marshall, Virginia especially designed for R&D in the field of nano materials. Our laboratories have two plasma systems APT-100 and APT-200 with power 100 kW and 200 kW and the auxiliary equipment for production and investigation of the BBNT and other nano structures. We will be happy to collaborate with all interested parties.