High Volumne Negative Air Machines for Large Area Projects: Solutions for demolition and remediation airborne hazardous waste

M. Seitz
BlueSky Global,
United States

Keywords: filtration, negative air pressure, dust collection, smartbox, bluesky, safety, hazardous, hexavalent chrome, irradiated


ABSTACT HIGH VOLUME NEGATIVE AIR MACHINES FOR LARGE AREA PROJECTS: Solutions for demolition and remediation airborne hazardous waste Negative Air Machines in use today are, typically, limited in size and capacity, with the larger inducing up to 7,000 CFM. When applications involve large-area spaces that need to be put under negative pressure, the current practice is to install more and more dust collectors to meet the induced air needs. This is where BlueSky Global’s negative air pressure machines are a benefit to the market. Offering a rental negative air machine which has been designed, specifically, for the collection of hazardous dust waste, and which can be configured to provide induce air flows ranging from 5,000 to +60,000 CFM, BlueSky Global’s Gladiator line of dust collectors has changed the standard in the field. Fully modular and mobile, the BlueSky Gladiator system can handle whole building, whole containment projects. Readily available for rapid deployment, the BlueSky Gladiator can be moved at any moment and fit into most spaces within the project area. There is no need for expertise, the platform is plug and play ready, minimizing the dangers or risk of learning a new platform. Another, perhaps more important innovation, is the development of a “touchless” system, one in which the contaminated components (collected dust and dirt filters) are never handled on site or by untrained personnel. By today’s standards, these machines require a dangerous level of servicing that still expose workers to hazardous materials collected in the filters such as asbestos, irradiated dust, or hexavalent chrome. Traditional negative air pressure machines become contaminated through standard operations. Dust and fume laden air is pulled into the machine and passed through a series of filters to remove the particles from the air stream. Once the filters have become saturated, they must be removed and exchanged, requiring direct contact by an individual. However, little consideration is given to the subsequent handling and disposal of the concentrated captured dust, along with the routine contaminated filter change-out and used filter bagging/disposal procedures. With BlueSky’s patented SmartBox® module, the contaminated filters and captured dust are contained within a sealed system, no longer requiring extra or special handling by any individual. The entire module is simply removed and taken away, in whole, for disposal at your contracted waste handling facility. Standard filter media installed in the SmartBox® module is certified to 99.95% at > 0.3 microns efficiency. However, independent DOP testing has shown that as primary filtration, the efficiency of media is 99.97%. When another SmartBox® module is used in series, as secondary filtration, the efficiency was measured at greater than 99.995% efficiency. For large area projects requiring high volume negative air machines, and where the collected dust is particularly hazardous but specialty handling is not required, the BlueSky Global systems of mobile rental machines is the new industry standard.