“A No Energy Solution to Actively Cool Buildings” by 10 to 20°F with an Applied Nano-Tech Material

C. Chatham
CTEN Global Strategies, LLC,
United States

Keywords: nano, coating, material, building, anti-stokes fluorescence, cool, heat, sustainability, heat pump, energy, efficiency


Public and private owners of buildings and structures worldwide are seeking to decrease the level of energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in facilities they own. This will require novel system integrations, to include improving mechanical heating and cooling equipment, but also improving the buildings. For cooling, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners cool by removing heat energy from the building spaces, pumping it away to a location outside the building. The hotter the building gets from the surrounding climate, the greater the level of energy that must be used by the HVAC system to cool the space, and global warming is on the rise. CTEN Global Strategies, in partnership with SolCold, can passively and without energy consumption, lower the temperature of a building or structure by 10 to 20 degrees F°, with a newly patented deep tech Nano-Paint-Coating that uses the sunshine and a concept called Anti-Stokes Fluorescence for cooling. Decreasing the load and run-time on Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners around the world, because the buildings are cooling themselves first, will have massive, quantifiable energy savings (upwards of 60%) and reduced pollution. This patented multi-layer nano-tech material coating actively cools itself below the surrounding environment temperature when exposed to the sun. Once applied to a surface of an object, the sun’s radiation triggers a reaction in the material. This reaction converts the heat accumulated in the object it is applied to - into radiation. This radiation is then emitted in a process called ‘anti-Stokes fluorescence’, thus providing the cooling effect. This novel material functions as if it were a thin layer of ice that gets thicker and cooler as the sun gets stronger. The stronger the sun, the cooler it gets. If the structures cool themselves – the Heat Pumps / AC’s consume much less energy.