Generalized Autonomy: Addressing the Biggest Opportunity in Urban Decarbonization

T. Harvey
United States

Keywords: buildings, autonomous buildings, sustainability, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, energy, AI, design


Overview Despite being the most complex controlled infrastructure in the world, Buildings are often fitted with technologically stagnant and expensive building management systems that waste energy and provide suboptimal occupant comfort. The consequence of this inefficiency is that buildings account for more than 40% of the entire world's energy usage. PassiveLogic sees a significant opportunity for improved energy efficiency in building systems by offering a full ecosystem of advanced, easy-to-learn, and elegantly designed hardware and software solutions. Powered by Quantum, the digital twin standard for autonomous systems, PassiveLogic generates physics-based digital twins that emulate exactly what goes on in the real world with real-time control at the edge — a fundamental requirement for unlocking full autonomy. Unlike prior building management systems, PassiveLogic solutions offer not just reactive control, but predictive control. Our Quantum digital twin technology enables prediction of the impact of future environmental conditions, occupant use cases, and equipment capabilities on a building, and subsequently generates real-time control sequences to maintain optimal energy expenditure and occupant comfort. Results In 29 pilot projects, PassiveLogic demonstrated a 30% increase in energy efficiency through controls optimization alone. This efficiency unlocks huge potential for lasting, sustainable impact as PassiveLogic can be deployed into almost any building. In addition, PassiveLogic speeds up installation efforts by 90%. Through features like guided wiring and automated commissioning, PassiveLogic is considerably faster, simpler, and more accurate to implement. This allows autonomous technology to become available to a much wider buildings marketplace than just the top percentage of building projects that currently can afford automation solutions. Products Our platform is built around the Hive controller, which provides all needed computing power right at the edge and acts as a distributed hub for wired/wireless IoT networks right in the building. The Hive controller houses Quantum Digital Twins — which provide virtual analogs to real-world objects, powered by the company’s artificial intelligence IP called “deep physics”. This full-stack hardware/software approach enables self-federation of disparate islands of IoT to work together in coordinated auto-pilot control to optimize building control processes and increase energy efficiency. PassiveLogic has also developed its own line of environmental sensors. The PassiveLogic Sense family tracks 8 unique environmental metrics, providing richer data that translates into better building control. Self-powered by their own embedded solar cells, the Sense Nano communicates wirelessly via industrial Bluetooth mesh. They are easily applied to a wall and can generate a full IoT sensor network in minutes, with no wiring required. With a modular hardware platform, generative design software package, and an advanced AI control engine, PassiveLogic is providing the world’s first complete ecosystem for generalized autonomy. As the containers of the economy, buildings are the starting point for our technology — but PassiveLogic is already working with early partners to define use cases in buildings that go beyond the core systems. We invite Tech Connect attendees to come learn about how to build more efficient autonomous systems and explore the myriad of possibilities they will enable.