TruePODS for Building Sustainability and Occupant Wellness

A. Droitcour
Adnoviv, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: occupancy sensing, occupant count, occupant wellness, vital signs, sensor


Adnoviv makes TruePODS smart sensors that address energy waste in buildings by using advanced occupancy sensing technology for detecting true human presence, number of occupants, and occupant vital signs. With accurate occupant count, ventilation can be adjusted to match space usage, reducing unnecessary heating/cooling and reducing energy used by fans by ventilating the amount needed. Furthermore, accurate space utilization data can help companies reduce their real-estate footprints, further reducing carbon footprint. Vital signs have potential to be used for determining occupant comfort and wellness. Adnoviv’s innovation to occupancy sensing is developing radar sensors that are sensitive enough to detect breathing motion of a stationary occupant avoiding false vacancy signals, and developing algorithms that can consistently differentiate a stationary occupant from an empty room, as well as algorithms that can estimate room-level occupant count . Adnoviv’s TruePODS (True Presence Occupancy Detector Sensors) are a revolutionary technological advance in occupancy sensing and space intelligence, enabling occupancy analytics for improving real-estate utilization and providing significant energy efficiency improvements for lighting and HVAC systems. TruePODS provide accurate occupancy information to building managers and/or building management systems so adjustments can be made to lower energy and real estate use, resulting in direct energy and real estate costs savings and reduction in global CO2 emissions. Unlike other occupancy sensors, which detect only large body motion, TruePODS recognize true human presence by remotely detecting human respiration and heartbeat. This low cost, novel occupancy sensor integrates the capabilities of sensing, processing and communicating in a single device, while avoiding false vacancy signals. Competitor occupancy sensors require 10-30 minute detection windows to avoid falsely reporting vacancy, whereas TruePODS immediately recognize vacant rooms, optimizing electricity usage. Occupant count data enables demand-controlled ventilation, reducing HVAC energy usage. Energy savings obtained with our sensors range between 20% and 40% more than products currently available on the market. Occupancy analytics via the data service platform enable improvements in space utilization. Detected vital signs can potentially be used in occupant comfort metrics to assess and improve employee productivity via changes in lighting, HVAC, and space utilization.