Modern Communication Technology based Innovative Systems based Nano-Materials

T.A. Elwi
International Applied and Theoretical Research Center (IATRC), Baghdad Quarter, Iraq,

Keywords: artificial intelligence, nano-antenna, plasmonic, meta-material


Communication speed and distance improvement are increasingly challenging as the demand increases day by day and high data rates are significant in the network infrastructure of the future. The new communication systems should support the unused bandwidth for reliability. Photonic is a ground-breaking technology. The devices with large operating bandwidths and their new prospects are smartly transformed the communication industry to support transmitting extensive data immediately and stand important in internet access and connection. Disruptive antenna technologies are anticipated to have numerous applications in wireless communications and advancements are required in bandwidth, gain, rotatable radiation patterns, and frequencies. Research needs to focus on the appropriate selection of antenna systems to achieve high-speed communications. Since the technologies are growing rapidly, performance assessment of advanced antenna systems promotes disruptive opportunities in future terahertz (THz) communications. Terahertz communication reached new heights, but the continual developing necessities are intended for remarkable advancements over and above to approach new disruptive technologies. Evolving photonic devices and antenna technologies are heading terahertz communications toward an advanced stage by means of their vast applications and composed of low size, weight, power, and cost. The extreme outbreak of wireless data creates a high-efficiency requirement, terahertz frequency provides more advanced communications bandwidth (0.1–10 THz) than other conventional frequency communication systems. And, terahertz communication is efficiently utilized for a wider range of applications such as in industries, healthcare, security, transportation, etc. The highest growing application of terahertz communication develops the demand of its approaching in 5G, 6G, and beyond. The research, innovative design, and analysis of photonic device and antenna technologies are necessary to attain robustness, accurate sensing, and detection to face various environmental conditions. With these technologies tracking, localization, and monitoring of THz communication can be better advanced with increased throughput. An integrated photonics antenna satisfies the ever-increasing demand by providing uninterrupted long-range THz communications. These emerging photonic devices and antenna technologies are smart applications that perform a majorly in advancing terahertz communication systems with ultrahigh capacity, power efficiency, scalability, and reduced latency. For this special issue, we are inviting manuscripts that present novel Research & Development work on THz antenna sensor configurations with pertinent performance characteristics and fabrication/manufacturing cost effectiveness. Potential topics included to the special issue but are not limited to the following:  Photonic devices and antenna technologies for cutting-edge strategies in THz communications,  Photonic devices and antenna technologies in THz band communications for secured smart networking (6G),  Advances in reconfigurable photonic devices and antenna for optimized THz communications,  Evolving CMOS technology and photonic antenna for terahertz communication and future applications  Photonic and disruptive antenna technologies  Design and coverage analysis of photonic antenna systems for THz communications in remote areas  Photonic antenna technological breakthroughs for high-speed THz communications in advanced utilization in military  Challenges of photonic antenna technology and cyber-secure THz communication for satellite applications  Channel modeling and simulation techniques in photonic antenna for high-throughput terahertz communications networks  Nanophotonic devices and antenna applications in THz communication for accurate sensing, medical, agriculture, and others