Rheological characterization of natural ultrasound gel with and without nanomaterials

L. Rakesh
Central Michigan University,
United States

Keywords: gel emulsion, ultrasound, rheology, biomedical, nanomaterials


Using a stress-controlled rheometer (AR-2000, TA Inc.) , rheological characterization of natural gel with and without nanomaterial ( has been conducted in steady shear and start-up flow fields. In this study, aqueous solutions with various concentrations were used to deliver a fundamental understanding in application of biomedical areas. Current emulsion gels were prepared by natural gels prepared from water & ethylene glycol with and without nanoparticle. Various stages of reinforce gels prepared and studied to understand the gelation process at various frequencies and steady state rheology. Rheology is the most well studied science and engineering concepts to study such dynamic stages of the any materials as of now. A made- to- order stiffer emulsion gel can be obtained and studied by understanding G' and G’’ (solid -liquid like characteristic) and the duration it formed. Higher inter-molecular forces due to cross-linking inside the gel network increased can be enhance by thermal stability of emulsion gels. We will discuss these in detail during our presentation.