Reliable Feeding into Pressurized Thermochemical Reactors with JEN-ZERO Technology

J. Khambekar
Jenike & Johanson,
United States

Keywords: biofuels, waste biomass, gasifier, pyrolysis, JEN-ZERO


When producing biofuels from feedstocks such as agricultural waste, municipal solids waste or similar materials, often several challenges occur getting the feedstock into the pressurized reactor. These types of feedstocks can arch, plug, flow erratically causing disruptions to reliable operation of the reactor. This can jeopardize successful operation of the plant itself. To overcome these challenges, Jenike & Johanson has invented a patent-pending technology, JEN-ZERO, focused on reliably delivering feedstocks into pressurized reactors. This unique technology is especially valuable when working with feedstocks like agricultural waste or municipal solid waste, which tend to be very light weight and have significant potential for forming flow obstructions. This JEN-ZERO technology is very effective even at larger scale plant operations. This presentation will go over the challenges experienced during handling typical biomass feedstocks, especially when feeding them into pressurized reactor. Then, we will discuss how these challenges are overcome by JEN-ZERO technology. The presentation will include graphics and demonstrate the points using common examples for easy understanding of audience.