Portable Multi-Diagnostic Device

L. Velazquez, G. Cruz, D. Shirley
AxoTech LLC,
United States

Keywords: portable, viral detection, AI, biosensor


Throughout time viruses are constantly mutating, thereby requiring technology to advance early detection and containment of these life altering viruses. Our company Axotech is constructing a technology named Salus to address this issue. Using patented technology licensed from the Navy coupled with an AI algorithm, Salus will provide recognition and detection on a microbe level in aerosol samples. Salus can detect viruses, bacteria, or human chemical particles, such as AFP, CEA, CA19-9, CA724, etc. for cancer, or cardiac enzymes for heart attacks. Salus will utilize an alternative optic method and a spectrophotometer to provide an initial multi-diagnostic to over 50 diseases with one sample - allowing physicians to diagnose with data-driven decisions. It's hardware will be equipped with hundreds of “signatures.” These signatures are the microbial fingerprint. In the medical diagnostic industry, there is high potential for commercializing the multi viral detector. AxoTech is working closely with Navy scientists and Laser Spectroscopy & Analytical scientists to develop the technology. Our virus detection device is rapid, accurate, affordable, and convenient.