Physicochemical characterization of collagen films integrating PLGA nanocapsules, fabricated by electrospinning

L.M. Agudelo Gómez, J.A. Carlos Cornelio, L.M. Hoyos Palacio, G.J. Colmenares Roldán

Keywords: polimeric nanoparticle, nanoprecipitation, PLGA, collagen, film, drug delivery, electrospinning


vThe developed film was obtained from different advanced manufacturing techniques of materials. First, the PLGA nanocapsules that encapsulate the drug of interest were obtained by using the modified nanoprecipitation technique developed in previous works by the authors (although different drugs of interest could be encapsulated if necessary). The nanoparticles were characterized by DLS and TEM techniques. Said nanocapsules were then incorporated into the collagen fibers obtained by the electrospinning technique. Finally, the film obtained was subjected to a cross-linking process to avoid its rapid dissolution and thus allow a prolonged release. The films obtained were characterized in terms of physicochemical properties and morphological changes produced by the cross-linking process, using techniques such as FE-SEM, TEM, FTIR and contact angle. Among the main results, we can highlight that the modified nanoprecipitation technique allowed to obtain polymeric nanocapsules of PLGA of low polydispersity and with a uniform morphology according to the TEM and DLS analyzes. It can also be noted that the electrospinning technique allowed us to obtain an electrospun collagen film with PLGA nanocapsules loaded with Paclitaxel. Additionally, it was found that the crosslinking technique used allowed to modify the wettability of the film to allow a prolonged release in time maintaining the structure of the triple helix of the collagen as was verified by FTIR, allowing to guarantee the bioabsorption of the film. The results obtained for the crosslinked collagen films are quite promising to be used in device coating or drug delivery in a localized and sustained manner. However, more studies are required directly on the desired application.