Improving AI Software Access in Air-Gapped Cloud Environments

B. Tucci
United States

Keywords: AI, software, procurement, government, defense, Intel, IC, deployment, high side, classified


Have you had challenges selling/buying and installing/deploying software in air-gapped cloud environments (i.e. the high side)? Are you tired of spending too much time going through long procurement processes and dealing with mounds of paperwork that slows down your access to crucial AI software needed to solve mission requirements? Join me to learn how you can leverage the AWS Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community (ICMP) to sell/procure and deploy third-party software in the AWS Top Secret region and other AWS cloud environments. AWS Marketplace is available to government customers. It enables customers to: -Find, buy, and deploy software using hourly utility computing or annual subscription offerings -Buy only what is needed with pay-as-you-go pricing -Access charges for AWS services and third-party software on one bill -Launch products using the AWS 1-Click deployment feature within the EC2 console and easily track software deployments and usage -Test and evaluate software easily which leads to more innovation -You can also leverage your relationships with trusted partners and resellers via Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPOs) in ICMP. Let’s work together to speed up the delivery of tech to mission!