Energy Storage: Renewable and Portable

A. Glover
United States

Keywords: energy storage, sustainability, battery replacement


The future need for mobile power and energy on the go is rapidly out pacing the capability of lithium batteries. As the climate, both environmental and financial changes, innovators need to focus on new energy sources that fit new and emerging needs. At WiGL, we are doing just that. The WiGL eNERGY’s Salt-Water Generator (SWG) is a renewable energy source. The SWG supports wired and wireless recharging for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. WiGL eNERGY’s patented renewable energy source runs on salt-water. The SWG efficiently offers low, medium or high power…but at no cost to the environment. Sustainable and environmentally conscious, the WiGL SWG pivots away from dangerous lithium batteries and offers a simple solution which is accessible to many markets. In the right hands the SWG can help in disaster situations, emergencies on the roadway, or simply be used as a convenient device when camping or exploring the great outdoors. WiGL believes that one of the SWG’s main strengths is its environmental efficiency. Governments are pivoting away from fossil fuels, and it’s only a matter of time until lithium batteries are replaced. Today, the SWG is being used to power or recharge small