Biodegradable PDLLA periodontal tissue regeneration scaffold prepared by electrospinning

D. Jeong, D.Y. Lee
Daelim University,

Keywords: PDLLA, periodontal tissue regeneration, scaffold, electrospinning


The resorbable periodontal tissue should maintain the shape of the bone graft material and have absorbency by acting as a barrier between the gingiva and the implanted bone graft material before implantation. In the case of heterogeneous materials, it is not easy to process them to a desired thickness, so the development of a synthetic material for inducing periodontal tissue regeneration is required. Using 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-propanol as a solvent, a PDLLA solution was prepared and mechanical properties were analyzed. SEM images show that 5wt% PDLLA exhibited a spherical beads-on-string structure and uniform fibers were observed in the scaffold containing 7% PDLLA. The tensile strength values of 7wt% and 10wt% PDLLA had a value of 5.9±0.5 MPa and 11.8±1.7 MPa, respectively. A comparative study of PDLLA scaffolds using an eco-friendly solvent system is also studied and will be presented.