Advanced Multifunctional Separators for Beyond-Lithium Battery Chemistries

H. Liu, K.T. Faber
TalosTech LLC,
United States

Keywords: separator, wettability, freeze casting, pore structure, sodium ion batteries, magnesium ion batteries


The advancement of beyond-lithium batteries including sodium ion batteries and magnesium ion batteries faces a challenge that there is lack of commercial available separators to be compatible for these new battery systems. Researchers need to use glass fiber filter papers as separators in their studies. TalosTech, with collaboration of Caltech, has developed a series of new separators to fill the market gap and help the researchers to accelerate the battery innovations, financially supported by a DOE STTR Phase I and Phase II project. The new separators with directional pore structures were tailor-made by an advanced freeze casting technology, which has been scaled up to a roll-to-roll process system to produce large scale separator materials. The demonstration of the new separators in sodium ion batteries and magnesium ion batteries will be presented in this meeting.