Extracting Electricity from Ambient Heat

P. Orem, F. Orem
ThermaWats, LLC,
United States

Keywords: ambient thermal electric conversion


Are you looking for a power source that is clean, cheap, and really long-lasting? ThermaWatts is developing a semiconductor structure that harvests electricity from environmental heat. That means it will last essentially forever, without fuel, chemical reactions, sunlight, wind - just heat available at typical ambient temperatures. We call it an Ambient Thermal Electric Converter (ATEC). When development is complete, you can use it to power to your devices, like : > Instrumentation and Internet of Things remotes at hard-to-service places > Portable electronics (cell phones, headphones) > Air conditioners and refrigerators (even sending power to the grid) > Solar panel performance enhancement (capturing heat absorbed but lost) > Maritime propulsion Widespread bulk applications will enable almost painless reduction of carbon fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, and at costs significantly lower than fuel-based or other sustainable energy sources. Our ATEC parts can be packaged for your applications along with a suitable heat transfer structure. Small power uses (typical personal electronics, etc.) would incorporate one to a few standard 1/10th watt, 1.5 or 1.65 V supplies - in 0603 form, each smaller than a grain of rice - into your device. Large power uses (air conditioning, bulk generation) might place the number of needed parts directly onto a heat-transfer assembly sized to fill your application needs. Prototypes of our device confirm the possibility of this amazing breakthrough in science. Our patented semiconductor structure makes use of quantum-mechanical behavior of electrons between materials of differing composition, and flow-directing doped layers. Prototypes show persistent, repeatable power outputs that add together in series connections. Work forward is a series of steps that include adding design elements to bring performance to minimum viable performance level.