Study, Design and Modeling of a Converter DC/DC Energy for Mobile Applications

S. Krit
ibn zohr university,

Keywords: DC/DC converter, buck, boost, buck-boost, switching, controller, PID, analog, digital, Matlab/Simulink, SIMetrix


Studies of mobile device power management techniques have increased dramatically in recent years, due to the dramatic increase in use battery-operated mobile systems (Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd). Energy management aims to improve power supply efficiency to increase battery life and extend thus the period of operation of the device. The Power Management Unit (PMU) contains several subsystems, consisting of linear regulators, switched capacitor converters, DC/DC converters and the logic control part. In this work, we study the principle of operation of the converters DC/DC (buck, boost and buck-boost) in continuous and discontinuous mode, with asynchronous and synchronous topologies. We propose new converter architectures DC/DC (buck, boost and buck-boost) dedicated to mobile devices and system-on-chip (SOC). To ensure the output voltage stability of closed loop converters, we design analog and digital PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controllers. To study the effects of switching component losses, we analyze and model the equations loss of these components. The models of our proposals are simulated under the simulators Matlab/Simulink and SIMetrix. Our study led us to: