High-temperature printed copper-based electronics

S. Ren
SUNY - Buffalo,
United States

Keywords: high-temperature, printable electronics, copper ink materials


Advanced materials, electrically conductive and oxidation resistant, are frontrunners for technological advancements in cutting-edge high temperature electronics. Rational design and manufacturing of hierarchical material structures is indispensable to achieve such disparate functionalities. Here, we report high temperature copper-graphene conductors through additive manufacturing, which prohibits oxygen adsorbates and serves as the barrier for oxygen migration to enable electric stability and reliability at high temperatures. The combination of graphene and alumina surface passivation enables electric stability of copper-graphene under thermal impact above 1000°C. The findings shown here, the synergistic combination of high conductivity and oxidation resistance, enunciate the passivation capabilities for additively manufactured flexible electronics operating under harsh conditions.