Composite WiRe Wrap to Improve Resiliency and Lifespan of Grid

D. Zamani
ALD Technical Solutions,
United States

Keywords: grid, composite, resiliency, WiRe


The electric grid is a complex system responsible for providing safe, reliable, uninterrupted and cost effective electricity to customers. Grid infrastructure in the US is aging and becoming more stressed with new types of power generation that require more rapid flow control for balancing and congestion management. Weather and wildfire resilience is also becoming a growing concern. “New Line Build”, “Rebuild Line” and “Reconductor” are common practices of utilities to address the issues listed above. However, these installation approaches require significant downtime and monetary investment. ALD Technical Solutions’ Composite WiRe Wrap is a lightweight, high strength, fast, easy to install, long lasting and cost-effective composite reinforcement system. This technology can withstand high temperatures and can be installed by robotic and cured in-place around existing power lines to increase the power capacity without exceeding the sag limits. Composite WiRe Wrap doubles power capacity with 1/10 of total cost compare to other technologies with no downtime.