Fuel Catalyst

K. Sharp
Brothers Services Group LLC,
United States

Keywords: fuel catalyst, sustainability, carbon footprint


What are Boost Fuel Tabs™ and why should I use them? Boost Fuel Tabs™ is a fuel conditioner and catalyzer for internal combustion engines. During the power stroke of the engine acts as a burn-rate modifier. Due to an electrochemical attraction, the combustion process is accelerated, causing the hydrocarbon chains to burn more completely. As a result, Boost Fuel Tabs™ increases power, reduces emissions, and improves fuel economy. In addition, the treated fuel will assist on removing carbon deposits and help maintain the engine and oil cleaner, extending the life of your engine. Boost Fuel Tabs™ works in any vehicle with an internal combustion engine: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, construction equipment, boats, power generators, etc. When you use the Boost Fuel Tabs™ continuously, you will be contributing to reduce your carbon footprint. 2) How do you use the Boost Fuel Tabs™? Each Tablet weights approximately 1 gram and treats 16 gallons of Fuel. The first time we recommend using double dose and place the tablets in the fuel tank prior to filling up. For smaller use applications (like motorcycles) or for partial fill ups, the Boost Fuel Tabs™ can be easily divided with a pill cutter, in half for 8 gallons or in ¼ for 4 gallons. 3) Do Boost Fuel Tabs™ improve my vehicle’s power and fuel mileage? Yes, Boost Fuel Tabs™ product users are reporting a significant improvement in power and fuel mileage. Actual mileage (mpg) may vary with conditions: traffic, terrain, weather, driving habits, tire inflation, vehicle load and maintenance, etc. 4) Are Boost Fuel Tabs™ cost effective? The price of gasoline varies but Boost Fuel Tabs are VERY COST EFFECTIVE! Proven results of 15-20% SAVINGS in fuel costs. 5) How do Boost Fuel Tabs™ reduce tailpipe emissions? As more of the fuel hydrocarbon chains a burned during the power stroke of the combustion cycle, less emissions will exit the tail or exhaust pipe. Boost Fuel Tabs™ can reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, volatile hydrocarbons, and sulfurs. 6) What is the difference between Boost Fuel Tabs™ and other fuel additives available? The typical fuel additive is often a detergent and should be applied sporadically. While Boost Fuel Tabs™ are for continuous use. In addition to acting as a combustion catalyst in all internal combustion engines using hydrocarbon fuels, it also helps to burn off carbon deposits and turning them into combustion energy. Our formula is the most advanced nanotechnology available. 7) Can I use Boost Fuel Tabs™ with Ethanol or Diesel? Yes, Boost Fuel Tabs™ do not modify the fuel properties. Regardless of the type of fuel used, Boost Fuel Tabs™ create a special environment in the combustion chamber during the power stroke, accelerating the burn-rate of the hydrocarbon chains of gasoline, diesel, or any other fuel. Boost Fuel Tabs™ are formulated to be used with all types of fuel and diesel grades, including all Ethanol Blends, two-cycle mixed fuels, and blends of diesel (summer, winter, and bio).