Chad Jackson

Senior Director, Preclinical Translational Research Program

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Science and technology expert with a penchant for driving biological research and development, innovation and entrepreneurial activities, and foreign relation engagements to directly addressing national security and world issues. Proven passion for neuroscience-related research, advising government officials and academic administrations on innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem development. Expert at forming unique partnerships, including coordination of public-private partnerships focused on economic development. Dedicated academic, industry, and government networks that provide intellectual support in efforts to inject evidence in government decision making.

Areas of Expertise:
1) Biological sciences: Neuroscience, Circadian Biology, Cancer Biology, Diabetes, Global health policy
2) Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Public-Private Partnerships, Policy (executive branch), Grant Writing
3) Defense program management and acquisitions
4) Emerging and disruptive technologies: Neuroscience, Biological Imaging, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing
5) International and Government Affairs: Europe and Science diplomacy