Ziye Dong

Staff Scientist, Critical Materials Institute

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ziye Dong is a Staff Scientist developing novel, cost-effective and environmentally friendly separation technologies. Dr. Dong joined LLNL after receiving a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Texas Tech University (TTU), where he participated in multidisciplinary research in thin films fabrication, microfluidics and separation of cancer cells. He also has rich experiences in developing composite membranes for biofuel separation/production. At LLNL, Dr. Dong and his colleagues demonstrated a bacteria protein-based method for efficient rare earth element (REE) recovery and separation from unconventional low-grade feedstocks, such as coal ash or electronic waste. Dr. Dong has authored and co-authored more than 24 peer-reviewed publications and 3 patents. He has been the recipient of multiple awards, included the Global Security Silver Awards (2021, LLNL), Graduate Student Award (biomaterials, 2018 AIChE meeting) and Graduate Design and Research Awards (2017 BMES meeting).